Compact design in specialized stainless steel cabinets, ensuring high level of security.

Specialized oxygen concentrators for high purity oxygen production.Digital monitors for the purity of the produced oxygen.

High quality oil-free compressors - SeQual (Thomas).

The ozone generation is controlled by Siemens industrial frequency inverters.

Ozone generating systems







Ozonation is the direct and indirect impact of ozone on existing substances in the water with a different course of the reaction. In acidic solutions, ozone reacts primarily as ozone molecule with substances dissolved in the water, but with an increase of the pH, ozone rapidly disintegrates. As a product of the decomposition of ozone is considered OH- radicals. The only economical process for the production of ozone is "quiet electric discharge." Two electrodes isolated from one another by dielectric are placed in a gas chamber. When applying high voltage to one electrode, and grounding the other a silent electrical discharge is yielded if the flowing gas in the space between the electrodes is containing oxygen,. Electricity consumption is about 5% of the actually required power. About 95% of the energy is turned into heat. Ozonation has applications in the microbiological stabilization of drinking water, oxidation of metals (iron and manganese) in drinking water, bleaching and deodorizing drinking water, separating of Hydrogen Sulphide from mineral water before bottling and sterilization of bottling lines


We offer specialized ozone generating systems.


Professional systems designed around the customer's requirements.
PLC control with Siemens controllers
Frequency inverters Siemens Sinamics
Control and visualization of operational states and alarm events*

Oxygen concentrators and air compressors - SeQual (USA)
Oxygen purity measurement*
ORP/Redox measurement cells




*Optional equipment

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